Electronic Coffee Grinder

  • New electronic white coffee grinder for commercial
New electronic white coffee grinder for commercial

New electronic white coffee grinder for commercial

  • Model:YF-650 T2
  • size:300*210*560mm
  • carton size:650*290*380mm
  • Hopper Capacity: 1.2KG
  • Product description: Electronic doserless grinder with 64mm flat blades. Stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment. On-demand grinding with electronic dose setting. Single and double dose with independent adjustmen

Products description:  New electronic white coffee grinder for commercial

The Model YF-650 T2 with white color is a commercial electronic coffee grinder to be used in coffee
espresso bars, hotels, restaurants, etc. The grinder will grind whole bean into variable, user-selectable (from super fine to coarse) on your demand. 


  • Heavy duty cast Aluminum body 
  • Food-grade ABS powder 
  • Outlet port. 64mm, 
  • Especially hardened flat grindstones imported from Itay 
  • Micro adjust stable for accurate grinding 
  • 3 Standards colors: White, Red and Silver, 
  • Any optional color with minimum order of 36PCS 
  • Large LED display for doses and blade temperature. 
  • Real-Time monitoring blades temperature 
  • Over -Temperature protection: The grinder will be stopped immediately once the blades 
  •    temperature is too high and restarted when the blades temperature get low. 

Operating modes: 
  • Programmable adjusted single cup dose. 
  • Programmable adjusted double cup dose. 
  • Continues grinding. 
  • 3 Mins grinding. 
  • Manual on demand (quantity is manually controlled by operator)
Technical sheet: 
  • Dimension: 300*210*560(L x  W x H) 
  • N. W/G. W: 12.6KG/13.8KG 
  • Hopper Capacity: 1.2KG 
  • Rated Power: 350W (@230VAC/50HZ ) 
  • Burrs Diameter: 64mm 

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