Electronic Coffee Grinder

Electronic Touchscreen Coffee Grinder Dosers

  • Type: T3B
  • Power supply: 230V/50HZ; 120V/60HZ
  • Packing size:65*29*38
  • Product description: Touchscreen Technology 64mm flat blades imported from Italy. 104 steps grinding adjustment. On-demand grinding with electronic dose adjustment. Single and double dose with independent adjustment.

Electronic on demand coffee grinder doser


  • Heavy duty cast Aluminum body.
  • Specially hardened grinding mills imported from Italy.
  • Powered by quiet low speed, high torque motor.
  • 104 steps adjustment for accurate grinding
  • Optimized mills adapter for lower noise while grinding
  • Stainless steel powder outlet port.
  • Adjustable portafilter holder to adapt different size portafilter.
  • Easy to change the operation way.
  • 3.5" touchscreen LCD display.
  • 2 standards colros:white and black
  • Real-time monitoring and display the humidity, Rotation speed of the motor and mills temperature.
  • Real-time display the finished doses for today, this week and total.
  • Real-time display the mills worked hours to remind the changing of the burrs.
  • Over-Temperature Protection: The fan will be started immediately if the mills temperature reaches higher than 45 centi-degree and  it will be stopped when the mills temperature gets low(less than 30 centi-degree)  (if fan equipped);The grinder will be stopped immediately once the mills temperature is too high(more than 65centi-degree) and restarted when the temperature get low

Operation modes:

  • On demand grinding with electronic adjustment( With step 0.1S)
  • Single and double doses adjustment independently
  • Continuous grinding/Manual on demand(quantity is manual controlled by operator)
  • Touch to start the grinder or trigger the micro-switch to start the grinder.

Technical sheet

  • Dimension: 300*210*565(L x W x H)
  • N. W/G. W: 13.6KG/14.8KG
  • Hopper Capacity: 1KG
  • Rated Power: 370W (@230VAC/50HZ)
  • Power supply: 230VAC/50HZ; 120VAC/60HZ
  • Burrs Diameter: 64mm (imported from Italy)

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